Social Reporting for Conferences, Workshops and Other Events

I am an award winning agriculture blogger and social reporter (,, involved in various conferences to raise awareness on the event, engage on-site participants and reach out to a wider audience remotely. I offer pre-event, during-event and post-event social media strategies and bring aboard a group of social reporters who will help in publicizing and reporting the event through:

  • live tweeting from the sessions
  • engaging on twitter about the conference , by
    • promoting conference content to twitter users
    • re-tweeting other users
    • asking questions
    • mentioning others
    • stimulating the conversation
  • writing blog posts each day (according to the coverage plan we’ll agree upon)
  • Taking pictures and sharing them to the Flickr group (to be created).
  • Taking videos and sharing them on social media

Social media is an integral part of many of our lives. Whether in line at the grocery store, killing time on a bus, or in the break room at work, we want to stay connected.

For better or worse, that’s become the way of the world, which means that when planning the on-site experience for conferences and meetings, social media should be placed throughout your programming and events.

Social media tools have entered the world of conferences and meetings in a way that allows the issues and trends to build momentum in the hearts and minds of audiences before the conference, to ignite more engagement during the conference, and to continue long after the folding chairs have been put away.

Am looking forward for an opportunity to working together in making your conference a success by enriching what already exists for your audience – a great conference, a great organization, great speakers, great members and great topics for further exploration, all through the online world.


David Mwenda


Mobile: 0734076722

Skype: dmwenda


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