Involvement of Youth in Scaling up of Beekeeping Technology and Eco-honey
Production in Mt. Kenya Region

Organically produced honey by the New Bairunyi Bee-keepers. Photo: Riikka Nieminen

The idea of this project is to scale up beekeeping technology to improve the livelihood of the rural youth through diversified income generation from the sale of quality honey and honey products. The project will empower the beneficiaries with skills, knowledge, technology, bee equipment, protective materials, bee accessories and others. To ensure value addition of the honey, we have partnered with institutions in processing, labeling, packing and marketing.This project contributes towards improving food security, conserving biodiversity through maintaining bee colonies and bee forage plant species.

The project will be implemented by training the youths on beehives production, apiary management and business skills to enable them become entrepreneurs. We expect after the project over 200 youths will venture into bee keeping forming sustainable business entities. This will create employment among the youths in the area.


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The Future of Agriculture Lies in the Hands of the Youth……..

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