Consultants/trainers opportunities

 Background and Context

Foundation for Young Farmers (F4YF) is a Community Based Organization that aims at creating sustainable programs to nurture and develop young agriculture entrepreneurs.

In line with our objective to nurture and develop young agriculture entrepreneurs we are looking for service provider (consultant) in apiculture or bee keeping to support young farmers in Mt. Kenya region, Maara sub-County, Tharaka Nithi County.


The purpose of the assignment is to train young people on apiculture skills, Value addition and marketing with an aim to improve efficiency, productivity and sustainable incomes among the young people in the region.

 We are looking for trainers and mentors in the following areas

  •  Apiculture (Bee Keeping) Trainer – Consultancy

 Scope of Work

The consultant will carry out training/mentoring on the following areas/modules:-

  1. Apiary management
  2. Apiary layout
  3. How to stock empty hives
  4. Bee colony management
  5. Feeding the honey bee colonies
  6. Honey bee pests and diseases
  7. Professional harvesting of clean honey
  8. Honey and Honey by products marketing


  • Bee hives production Trainer – Consultancy

 Scope of Work

The consultant will carry out training/mentoring on the following areas/modules:-

  1. Identification of proper timber for beehives
  2. Training on different types of beehives and there benefits
  3. Production of various types of beehives
  4. Selling and marketing of hives to both individuals and corporate


  • Onsite training on honey processing and value addition – Consultancy


Scope of Work

The consultant will carry out training/mentoring on the following areas/modules:-


  1. Identification and separation of various type of honey for processing
  2. Step by step honey processing to final products
  3. Honey value addition and production of by products
  4. Packaging of honey and other by products
  5. Statutory requirements on packaging and selling of honey products
  6. Marketing skills



The consultant shall submit the following:

  1. Documented training manual indicating modules to be covered objectives and expected results/outcomes.
  2. Final report on the consultancy project for the entire period of engagement, indicating sustainability plan, within three weeks of completing assignment.

 Duration/Indicative Schedule/Level of Effort

The duration of this assignment should be approximately 30 calendar days staggered over a period of not more than 2 months, but open for discussion.

  1. To complete group trainings
  2. Direct support/mentoring of farmers at their farms/demo sites
  3. Completion of final report
  4. Total 30 Days

Roles and Responsibility of Foundation for Young Farmers

Foundation for Young Farmers shall be responsible for:

  • Providing any logistical support required to facilitate the training activities
  • Ensure the smooth implementation of the assignment by addressing concerns and issues as they arise.

 Roles and Responsibility of the Consultant

The consultant shall be responsible for:

  • Preparing all the relevant information and materials that will be required for the exercise.
  • Undertaking the assignment within the specified time and with high level of professionalism.
  • Provide all requisite documentation required to process payments when putting in claims.


Foundation for Young Farmers seeks to engage a specialist in each of the areas mentioned, who will be responsible for satisfactory implementation and completion of the assignment including submission of the final report and other necessary deliverables. The consultant will be expected to work and act professionally.

The consultant will have a Certificate, diploma, Bachelors or Master Degree in a relevant field and has demonstrated knowledge, skills and extensive experience in area of not less than five years.

 EOI Submission

Expression of Interest should be dropped at our office located at New Bairunyi Honey Offices, Mutindwa Market, Chogoria, Maara Sub-County, Tharaka Nithi County or reach the email address below not later than 20th of September 2014 at 12.00pm, due to the urgency of the work expression of interest will be reviewed as they are received;



7 thoughts on “Opportunities”

  1. thanks fyf for good ideas that you people are offering.
    I do chicken farming at kahawa-Nairobi area, kindly sent me poultry manuals and guide me on how to get the best market.

    thank you.

  2. I like the apportunities but I would like to know more about chicken farming I am ready to start once am guided waiting for your response

  3. i am from Burundi and i started a project of goats, cows and i want to continue with agriculture of banana and maize. i would like to know if you can support me in those projects and how.. thank you

  4. Hae

    how can i get your contacts as in the phone numbers the email address n the address i want to get in touch with u directly

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