Youth to Youth Agribusiness-Entrepreneurial Development Program

Youth to Youth Agribusiness-Entrepreneurial Development Program

• Assisting the unemployed youth to enter the agri-business sector;
• Developing entrepreneurial skills of youth in agri-business;
• Assisting youth to build up the required skills for entry into formal job market;
• Assisting participating youth to set up and develop their own agri-business enterprises.

Current studies

Recent studies have shown that the agricultural sector is dominated by elderly people (over 50 years) and this undermines the future growth and development of this sector. Pulling in young population will ensure future sustainability of the industry hence increasing employment rate and income of the majority of the rural households. This will also ensure poverty alleviation in the majority of rural Kenyan.

Currently many youths lack the required skills to conduct a successful commercial farming venture. In most cases they also lack the required capital or collateral to qualify for loans to purchase farms or establish their own agribusiness. Even those in the fortunate position of being able to access all the requirements to venture into agribusiness lack support that they require to ensure the success of their farming or agribusiness ventures.


The intended approach is to develop and expose the participants in the necessary farm production, financial and marketing skills including value adding under practical conditions as part of mentor-ship under the guidance of successful commercial farmers, agricultural experts drawn from academic and private sectors.


20 thoughts on “Youth to Youth Agribusiness-Entrepreneurial Development Program”

  1. We are here, youth focused, family and community minded. trying to shape the future through inspiring and supporting the youth in our community. Our objective is farming & marketing, we are seeking funds. can we apply? 254713761017

    1. “Kilimo Uti wa mgongo” was a famous phrase of definition of kenyan livelihood as i grew up! Little is being done in support of the the phrase, among more ideas i have in regard to farming,will so appreciate in EGGS supply link up.!

  2. Keep us updated on any meetings intended for the agribusiness sector. The program sounds great and am happy to participate.

  3. Great ideas, and very promising, just joining you now. From Kiboko Settlement scheme Makindu District

  4. I have a small farm that is under utilized, where can I get the relevant information and knowledge to start a profitable farming activity.

  5. How do we get access with you?atleast you teach us how to get a good business model to be used in finding startup capital…we would be greatiful to meet you.

  6. how can we contact you? I’m a young entrepreneur from Burundi i want your advises and help.
    thank you

      1. I work with women and youth groups in bee keeping and enterprise development. Can you give me possible partner shipping alternatives.

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