Young Farmers Success Stories

Venturing into farming is not easy for young people. However, around the world, young farmers are developing innovative strategies that allow them to access land, capital and markets.

Young Farmers Success Stories is an initiative that aims to inspire and encourage the next generation of sustainable farmers. We like to show and share inspiring stories about young farmers who have – despite the many difficulties – managed to set up farming initiatives which are innovative, viable and sustainable!

Meet Ann Kimathi who was tired of working in the hotel industry for the past 11 years and opted to give farming a try. Taking advantage of the lessons given by the government of mushroom farming, Ann says leaving formal employment to start her own business began as her retirement plan.

Meet Morris Maina Thuo an Accountant whose bank account flows in passion fruits money

Meet Martha Otieno from Homabay County, a young farmer reaping big from farming. she is a woman in her twenties from a community not known for farming but earning so much through agriculture?

Meet Mary Wairimu, a trained teacher who opted to do farming instead of embarking on her teaching career.

Meet Caleb Karuga, he sacrificed his fame on TV and ventured in poultry farming and he is headed to be a millionaire”

Meet Timothy,Dog Breeder and Trainer

Meet Hellen Koech a chicken farmer

Meet Paul Njagi who uses his training in accounting to manage his dairy farming, Njagi smiles all the way to his ATM.

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