Golden Opportunity for Young Farmers in Kenya:Chase Bank and Amiran Partnership

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Paul Njagaa (Deputy CEO Chase Bank), Pinhas Moskovich (Amiran Managing Director), Daniel Mavindu (Rafiki D.T.M CEO).

Like most African countries, Kenya is highly vulnerable to the impact of climate change. There is growing concern about potential stress on fragile ecosystems and rural communities, especially in the arid and semi-arid agro-ecological zones and some humid highland areas of the country. Not to mention that in 2013, the farm produce was the worst in a long time.

In keeping with the Strategy for Revitalizing Agriculture (SRA) of Kenya 2010-2015 and Kenya’s vision 2030, national and international partners have teamed up to address these challenges by strengthening the capacities of smallholders to manage land and water resources in vulnerable agro-ecological zones.  One interesting partnership is that of Chase Bank Kenya and Amiran Kenya. This partnership is changing how the youth are looking at agriculture, how they are engaging in it and how they are sharing networks from the training (Click To Tweet).

Green house farming is the new hip joint for youth looking for ways to be responsible, create wealth and employment opportunities (Click To Tweet). A greenhouse loaded with all the ingredients including seeds and fertilizer to last one season, water tank and extension services could be all that is needed to revolutionize African farming as Amiran Kenya, a private company with roots in Israel and the UK is showing all over Kenya and now is ready to go beyond the borders.

This partnership is key and through digital engagement, we have seen the youth taking up this initiative, looking at agriculture with a different perspective, which we believe will be key to changing the their fortunes (Click To Tweet).

The Amiran Acre Kit is a complete set of tools for sustainable farming anchored on a 1 acre gravity fed drip irrigation system designed especially for Africa and aimed at taking farmers from relying on rain-fed agriculture to brain-fed agriculture. Just as the Amiran Farmers Kit (AFK) has done in recent years, the Amiran Acre Kit is based on the same holistic approach as the AFK, offering the three pillars to success, which are the only things the African farmers are lacking: Knowledge, Know-How and High Quality Inputs. A typical package mainly includes the following:

  • Equipment: greenhouse, drip irrigation system, water tank, personal protective equipment (PPE) and;
  • Inputs: seeds, fertilizers, agro-chemicals and;
  • Value added services: Training on use of equipment and inputs as well as ongoing agronomic support among others

Chase Bank Kenya will offer the needed financial training, back up and support to signed up farmers to ensure that the program is successful and that the influence can go to the needed levels. With social media, perceptions are changing and a lot is happening and this is a partnership that needs all the support it can get.  Chase Bank Kenya,  Deputy CEO, Paul Njaga says that, “the survival of Kenya’s agriculture rests squarely on the youth who are the farmers and leaders of tomorrow. Two-thirds of Kenyans depend directly on agriculture for their livelihoods. In addition to enduring food security, agriculture plays a vital role in supporting our economy and generating employment which is a greater step to realization of Vision 2013.”

“Our youth continue to struggle to find jobs, yet there are emerging opportunities they can tap into, particularly in the agriculture sector that can help them to be self-reliance and more enterprising. Failure for our youth to exploit and grab the opportunities we are continuously providing to them such as these, not only shuts down a key economic to national development, but predisposes to social and economic instability.”~ Paul Njaaga

He also noted that,  the bank’s move to offer competitive and flexible financing was in tandem with Chase Banks’ commitment to reach out to the SME sector (Click To Tweet). More so, the youth sector who are increasingly getting involved in agribusiness. With 80 per cent of the entrepreneurs in the country being in agribusiness addressing this sub sector will significantly boost SMEs.

Who is Eligible for the Chase Amiran Agribusiness Loan Program?

To qualify for financing to acquire the Amiran Products under the above Program, one must fulfill the following requirements;

  • Be an active farmer/producer either in horticulture or floriculture for at least the last 12 months or one production cycle, whichever is higher.
  • Be a permanent employment and is receiving a regular salary through Chase Bank Limited or is an employ of a company with which Chase Bank has signed a check-off agreement (MoU). In this case, we may waive the first requirement above.
  • A farmer/agribusiness enterprise that receives a regular income for instance remittances from milk, tea etc where we can attach their proceeds to recover the loan amount.
  • • A farmer/agribusiness enterprise that can clearly demonstrate from their cash flows, the ability to repay the requested loan amount and;
  • Have the ability to raise at least 30% of the value of the Amiran Farmers Kit.
  • Other normal credit requirements apply as per the credit policies.

Need Further Information?  Kindly send all your queries on the above program to


One thought on “Golden Opportunity for Young Farmers in Kenya:Chase Bank and Amiran Partnership”

  1. Hi am a fresh graduant from maseno University undertaking BSc Horticulture with IT seeking to venture into agriculture sector as my office for self employement but my major drawback is lack of adequate finances to persue my dreams..can you kindly offer any assistance

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