Changing views on farming to Attract young generation

In an environment of easy accessibility and improved technology in agriculture, there is a need to change the perception that farming is a low-skilled, loss-making vocation in order to encourage the youth to join the sector.

“Farming, in the present scenario, is highly skilled profession which assures economic stability to the investors by the means of diversification,” Agricultural innovations, are attracting people from various non-allied sectors and various central and state government agencies are now encouraging the youth to join the research conducted in the sector and to adopt new-age profit making farming.

“There is a change in the agricultural trends in almost every region where youngsters now make the best use of latest technology and expertise for remunerative farming. But there is a need to highlight such success stories to motivate the youth”.

Agriculture contributes so much to our daily lives, but it is an industry that has been hit by hard times. It is also a demanding occupation and those who take up the farming mantle must be very special. Preparing the next generation of farmers is also a critical role.

Agriculture offers Africa “an opportunity for economic prosperity, food security, poverty eradication, skills in science and technology and economic empowerment for youth, women and girls.”


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