Amiran’s OptiNet 50 mesh and Amiran Plastic Mulch to help in crop protection and water saving respectively


plastic mulching

As a company that cares and is always willing to invest on new technology, Amiran continues to give solutions to growers through good crop management at reduced costs.

Amiran Kenya has a new improved technology that entails the use of insect netting with optical addictives called the Optinet 50 mesh. With normal insect netting, farmers can only protect their crop by the size of the mesh but still they get that insects are still able to go through the net into the structure. Amiran Kenya’s Optinet 50 mesh  will give farmers 95% protection by using the size of the mesh and with added optical addictives  on it , the insect will repel away.



At the same time, the net gives 50% shade with good ventilation. The net can be used in greenhouse on the vents and sides, secondly on the nethouse you can combine it with the shade netting as side or roof material. The material is UV treated for 5 yrs.



It is quite evident that water is essential for growing plants thus the need for good water preservation. Using plastic for Mulching is a solution that is being encouraged by Amiran Kenya for both the floriculture and horticulture growers.

When you cover your growing beds/area with plastic mulch you are:-

  • Reducing too much evaporation thus you will irrigate less save on water
  • Keeps the soil moisture
  • Reducing weeds that compete with your crop for water  saving on labour
  • Your are providing an excellent area for root development because they need darkness + oxygen  thus good yields
  • Decreasing nutrient leaching during the rainy season thus reduction on pollution etc

Amiran provides farmers with two colored plastic mulch; the white/ black plastic and the black/ silver plastic. The products are able to last long enough for the crops to enjoy all the benefits /advantages of the plastic.

Amiran recommends the use of good quality drip lines when using plastic mulch and also a tension meter (manual or computerized) inorder to check how much to irrigate and soil moisture.

Amiran has embraced 3 pillars to the success for its farmers:  Knowledge, Practical know how or ‘do how’, and high quality inputs.  Respecting these 3 pillars and ensuring that all details are addressed, will ensure the success of the farmers. Amiran continues to work closely with farmers; offering them agricultural innovations and advice on all aspects of farming all with the agenda to ensure farmers enjoy their farming experience and reduce risks


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