Is there really money in Agriculture?

Some youth’s have asked me this question: Is there money in Agriculture? This shows that their attitude towards agriculture is as a result of lack of information or misinformation, information and enlightenment is indeed Power. A lot of youths should know that one of the thriving areas in any economy in this world is Agriculture because people whether rich or poor, employed or unemployed, white, black or green will ALWAYS have an urge to eat and that is where Agribusiness comes in!

Today, I will be sharing unique and innovative ideas on how to start an agric business with little or no capital and how youths can indeed benefit from this, however you will only tap from this ideas if:

  • You are a patient and perseverance individual who have a passion for a change in the Agric sector.
  • You have always wondered whether there is money in Agriculture and want to really know (inquisitive about Agric)
  • You have been unemployed for some time now and you are looking for job.
  • You are currently working part time but you want something you can do in your spare time.If you fall into any of this category, then read on…..Before I divulge these innovative ideas, I’ll like to correct any views you must have had or heard about Agriculture or Agric business.

    Myth: Agriculture is a poor man’s business or for the low class.

    Fact: Agriculture when run and managed properly as a business will not only provide you good money but will also provide food and employment for you and many others!

    Myth: Agric business is a big risk; you’ll lose everything you invested!

    Fact: No business is not risky, however before you venture into any business(Agric inclusive) you need to count the costs and acquire good experience in the field then start small(even if you have the capacity to start big), then expand little by little. Applying this principle would help you reduce these risks to the barest minimum and makes you understand the business at each level.

    Myth: Agriculture takes time to start earning; I have to wait for one year before I harvest my produce.

    Fact: There are various low maturing vegetables that are ready for harvest in less than a month and with proper management you can be making cool money from it.

    Finally and most importantly, the biggest myth:
    Agriculture is so stressful, I have to use a hoe and cutlass in the hot sun to farm.

    Fact: You can outsource the clearing cultivation and even planting of your farm to people who are skilled in these at very low costs, if you take agric as a business which it is, you would treat it as one!
    A business man/woman will not be the secretary, cleaner, security personnel all the same time will S(he)? , certainly not!

    The fact is, depending on the type of agriculture/Agric business you want to go into, you may never have to use a cutlass, hoe or even stay under the sun!

    In the coming days I’ll be giving you several innovative business ideas on how to make money in Agriculture, in the blog series entitled: Using innovative ideas to make money in Agriculture!

    You’ll learn how to use innovative ideas to make money in: Crop Farming, Crop Processing and packaging, animal farming, Animal processing and Packaging.


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