Drip Technology inspires farming in arid areas

A modern drip irrigation technology is allowing farmers in arid and semi arid areas triple their yield by planting three seasons a year. The innovation has allowed farmers to break reliance on rain-fed agriculture that has spelt doom for many, at a time when realities of climate change hits home.

The one-acre irrigation system dubbed Amiran Acre Kit and being marketed by agribusiness firm Amiran Kenya, was designed by Netafim, a drip irrigation giant from Israel. The Kit caters for the rising need for food in the country. It is easy to use and comes with gravity fed drip irrigation system serving upto 4,000 square metres, the equivalence of one acre, filters and valves, a 5,000 litre water tank, seeds, fertilizers, agro-chemicals, knapsack and personal protective gear. Installation and guide on basic operation is done for free.

“The new kit is ideal for farmers in arid and semi-arid regions where water is not sufficient for agriculture and will provide a new reality for farmers growing grains,” said Yariv Kedar, Amiran’s Deputy Managing Director.

With the kit, farmers in arid and semi-arid regions can easily achieve more than 180 bags of maize per year per hectare in three seasons. Currently the yields are dismally low as the seasons are interrupted by lack of enough water to complete a crop cycle with the situation being worsened by insufficient rainfall. “Modern technology makes farmers succeed. This new innovation comes from the need to bring to smallscale farmers a product they can use from the shelves directly to the market,” said Kedar. “The kit makes farming cool and fun too. At a cost of Sh. 337,000, a farmer will get the kit.
“The drip irrigation has been proven to be the most environmental friendly uses only 30% of water used in existing methods of irrigation and at the same time doubling the yields of farming,” said Christopher Nzuki head of integrated projects at Amiran Kenya


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