President Calls on the Youth to Engage In Agri-Business

Youths have been urged to embrace Agri-business which is an imperative creator of jobs and as it will improve food security in the country. Speaking during Mashujaa Day celebrations, the President pointed out that despite global changes, Kenya’s food security has greatly improved leading to an increase in maize, rice, wheat and vegetable production in the country.

Many youths hardly venture into Agri- business as a form of employment since it entails manual work and secondly, the unpredictable climatic conditions resulting into global warming thus making it a risky undertaking. However the introduction of greenhouse farming has attracted a great number of young entrepreneurs into the venture.

The President has urged financial institutions to finance the youths with creative business ideas so that they can invest in income generating projects and create more employment. He added that young people are not able to access loans because they don’t have collaterals hence financial intermediaries should support them by providing affordable and flexible credit. “By supporting our youth, we will facilitate the development of a new generation of Mashujaa who will help us create thousands of jobs, bring about rapid industrialization and contribute to faster economic growth and development “he said.

The government has been in the fore front in urging the youth to endeavor into Agri- business by rolling out various programmes that encourage them to embrace this modern form of Agriculture. One of the programme is Agri-vijana, an agri-business loan product by Youth Enterprise Development Fund Board (YEDFB). The Fund has entered into partnership with Amiran Kenya Limited in enabling the youth groups to engage in green house farming through asset financing. The loan is affordable since it does not attract interest rate and has a flexible repayment period. During the first phase of the project, two green houses will be constructed in every county across the country. Each group, that qualified for the application will receive a full Amiran Farmers’ kit which includes, a green house, a drip irrigation system, a collapsible tank, a sprayer, seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, protective equipment, training and a nursery set. The project which has commenced in different counties, will enable unemployed youths become self reliant, create more jobs and positively contribute to the economic development of the entire country.


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