The Agri-Vijana Loan

The applying group must:

Have access to land, a minimum of a ¼ acre. This must be supported by documents of title or a written Consent from land owner, to use the land for a minimum of three years
Have access to a reliable source of water
Have knowledge or experience in agriculture
Show evidence of ability to raise the 10% of the investment outlay
Be registered with relevant government Ministry with a minimum of 10 members and a maximum of 15 members
Be 70% youth (18-34 years)
Be led by people who are 34 years and below
Be residents in the constituency of application
Be sponsored/guaranteed by a leader in the society (details of acceptable guarantors indicated in the application form).

Interested youth groups should submit the following;

Fully completed application form (available at District Youth Office, Youth Fund Regional Offices)
Group’s registration documents
List of all group members certified by area chief with copies of their identification cards
Proof of access to land
Proof of own contribution (minimum of 10% of investment outlay)
Details and application forms can be obtained from any District Youth Office, Youth Fund Regional Offices or can be downloaded from


3 thoughts on “The Agri-Vijana Loan”

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  2. i wish you could reduce the number of people required. ten like minded individuals are so hard to gather it sidelines many people. five would be a more reasonable number….

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