New Indigenous Chicken By Kari

A new breed of indigenous chicken breed has been introduced in the market. The new breed introduced by Kenya Agricultural Research Institute produces more eggs and meat and can be reared under free-range conditions.

According to the research findings released in the Organic Farmer Magazine, a publication of African Insect Science for Food and Health, the new breed adapts well with the local climatic conditions and management systems. If kept in good conditions, the research shows that a hen can produce between 220-280 eggs a year depending on the management system, the research report indicated.

With good quality feeding of 6.20kg of feed given in five months and careful chicken husbandry, the hen can attain 1.5 kg in weight in the five months period. A cock that has consumed 6.8 kg of feed weighs up to 2.10kg over the same period. To maintain optimum egg production, a hen from the breed requires 122g of feed per day.

A Senior Researcher at KARI Dr. Ann Wachira says its ability to survive in harsh environment makes the breed favorable in arid and semi arid lands especially in Kitui, Mwingi and Machakos. “The birds can do well under free-range and organic farming management systems”, says Dr. Wachira adding that it has quiet temperament and excellent feathering to adapt to conditions in which it is reared faster than other birds.

To meet the demand of the breed in the country, she says the institute has acquired a modern incubator for 35,000 eggs. A day-old chicken goes for shs 80, four week-old chicks at shs 180, breeding cocks sells at shs 800 while fertile eggs are going for shs 600 for a tray of 30 eggs. Unlike other chicken breeds in the market, it is easy to differentiate between eggs and cockerels as the hens are black in colour while the cockerels are speckled, says Dr. Wachira.

Source: The Star (Nairobi)


20 thoughts on “New Indigenous Chicken By Kari”

  1. Hi,am very much obliged with your products,I would like to know if I do start the project how can I market the chicken if I were to rear them. Hope to hear from you,Thank you.

  2. Hi, you guys are doing a giod job.
    Kindly keep it up.
    How can.I get comprehensive advice on poultry farming in.machakos county.
    Would like to keep the kari kienyeji layers.

    1. Dear Mr Matthew C Kyalo

      Thanks for your email dated 12 August, 2015 and I would like to know how I can get the New indigenous chicken by Kari, how much they cost and the minimum number to be procured.

      Thanks in advance for your positive response.

      Enece Wambulwa

  3. Im in nandi north at kipkaren division,laboret.
    where will i get the indigeneous chicks?
    And what are the measurements and standard of structure is required.

  4. Good evening,i am interested in knowing the name of the breed as well as how i can get them…Many people have asked but i am not seeing any response from your end or are you contacting us directly through our emails?

  5. hae. am Dominic from machakos…pls advise on on how I can get the new improved breed .chicks aged 4 weeks and at how much each..

  6. God bless your soul, I like your products . I`ve set the infrastructure for poultry keeping and am wondering how I can reach you to get the chicks and more information .my farm is in Kyanzavi -TALA -MACHAKOS COUNTY

    1. can I get a quotation for 4 weeks chicks the new breed please …………..also give me the contacts for your office where I can come for the chicks

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