Northern Kenya can be breadbasket

Israel has described Kenya’s arid north as an idle food basket. The Isreali ambassador Gil Haskel said yesterday the seemingly barren north, lower eastern and coast can easily be transformed into high food production zones through specific irrigation technologies, appropriate seeds and fertilisers.

Speaking at an event to promote an upcoming tri-annual Agritech exhibition to be held in Tel Aviv in May, Haskel said the Israeli technology that transformed the desert state into an agricultural produce exporter are already available in Kenya, through Amiran Kenya. He said Kenya has the advantage of good rainfall and hard working, well educated population, but all it needs is the right technology to grow enough food for local consumption and export.

Amiran Kenya has already started several green house projects in the arid and semi arid areas of north eastern, upper eastern and Turkana areas in partnership with Redcross and NGO’s operating in those regions. Amiran Kenya Head of Agro-division Yarif Keidar said their Amiran Farmer’s Kit created with the aim of allowing small scale farmers affordable access to modern agricultural technologies, methods and inputs is designed to fit farmer or group of farmers by adapting the components of the kit to suit the climate, terrain, and agricultural experience of the farmer.


The kit comes complete with installation, training and seeds to start fresh agricultural projects anywhere in the country. He said they have achieved dramatic results working with communities and schools mainly in horticultural crops. “We are aiming at giving communities the ability to produce all year round without depending on rain.” said Keidar. New technologies will be on display in Tel Aviv in mid may May where more than 7,000 foreign visitors from 115 countries are expected to attend seeking latest inventions in agriculture, and animal keeping.


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